Energy osteopathy

"A body freed from nervous tensions and over-fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well-balanced mind that is always fully capable of successfully meeting all of the complex problems of modern living``"

Joseph Pilates

Energetic osteopathy belongs to the manual and energy therapies. It is a gentle method without any musculoskeletal manipulation (no "cracking"!) which leads the body to self-correct, eliminate blockages and regain its freedom of movement on the muscular, articular, visceral and energetic levels. It allows a better adaptability of the body to the constraints imposed on it.

This method, at the meeting point of cranio-sacral osteopathy and traditional Chinese medicine, was invented by Maurice Raymond Poyet and improved by one of his students, Jean Marchandise ("A l'écoute du corps"). M.R. Poyet discovered a representation of the bones and joints on the skull, thus giving a true cranial "cartography" of the skeletal system (just like the representation of the body on the feet in reflexology). Specific points are tested to determine whether or not there are mobility restrictions in the corresponding area of the body.

The tests and corrections are based on energetic information. The session begins with the "reactivation" of the locks which will eliminate the adaptation lesions put in place by the body to protect itself after a physical or emotional shock, thus leaving the reading of the original lesions possible. Then comes the release of the 8 ERNs (Energetic Reactive Networks) which each group 1 cranial bone, 3 vertebrae and 1 or more viscera, then the restarting of the movement for the parts of the body detected as being in restriction of movement. The corrections are made by light impulses on the skin, either at the level of the sacrum for the networks, locks, cranial bones and vertebrae, or directly on the damaged systems.

This method is suitable for all people and all ages, and has an action on many systems (see fields of application below). It does not allow a diagnosis to be made and is in no way a substitute for medical treatment. In the event of serious illness or disease, you should first consult a doctor who is able to assess your state of health adequately. Moreover, the techniques used are not part of the Medical Osteopathy framework as defined by the decree relating to osteopathic acts and conditions (Décret 2077-435 du 25 mars 2007).

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How does it work?



Energetic osteopathy brings general relaxation and has a global action on the body as it considers it as a whole. It has an action on many systems including:

  • the musculoskeletal system: tendonitis, sprains, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, etc.

  • the after-effects of trauma: accidents, fractures, falls and shocks, etc.

  • the ENT and cephalic system: chronic sinusitis, vertigo, migraines, etc.

  • the nervous system: sciatica, cruralgia, cervico-brachial neuralgia, Arnold's neuralgia, facial neuralgia, ...

  • the digestive system: bloating, constipation, gastro-oesophageal reflux, etc.

  • the neurovegetative system: sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, etc.

  • the genito-urinary system: painful periods, pregnancy follow-up, ...


The session lasts about 1h30. Price: 70 euros.

Session for children under 12 years old, between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Price: 50 euros.


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